Temporary traffic lights and traffic management

Underground cables

On 7 January 2020, our contractor, J Murphy and Sons Ltd, started work to build temporary entrances to our construction areas as we prepare to build underground cables from Nailsea to Portishead.

To keep public and staff safe during this work, we need to manage traffic and control access to these areas at different times.

From Thursday 27 February, there will be:

  • Two way traffic lights on Clevedon Road (B13130), Tickenham – for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Temporary road closure on Church Lane and Washing Pound Lane, Tickenham – until end of March 2020. A map showing these closures can be viewed here.
  • Temporary road closure on Sheepway, Portbury – until mid-March 2020.

Later in the programme, work will start in the west end of Nailsea and on Whitehouse Lane.

From Monday 9 March 2020, there will be:

  • Temporary traffic lights on Engine Lane and Blackfriars Road – until early April 2020.
  • Temporary road closure on Hannah More Road – from 6 May until 1 June 2020.

 From Tuesday 14 April 2020, there will be:

  • Temporary road closure on Whitehouse Lane, Wraxall – until early May 2020.


Over the coming weeks, we also need to carry out ground investigations and surveys along the route of the new T-pylons, and for where we need to build temporary road accesses to them. The findings will help us plan the construction work, later in 2020. We’ve appointed Balfour Beatty to build the T-pylons and they are carrying out these surveys.

The table below shows where and when we’ll be working.

Scheduled datesRoads affectedType of traffic management
17/02/2020 - 21/02/2020Ableton Road
Severn Road
Packgate Road
Caswell Lane
Clevedon Road
Drove Way
Traffic lights or stop/go boards for up to one day at each location
24/02/2020 - 28/02/2020Drove Way
Wemberham Lane
Traffic lights or stop/go boards for up to one day at each location
02/03/2020 - 06/03/2020Lampley Road
Kenn Road
Rust Lane
Kennmoor Road
Nailsea Wall
Traffic lights or stop/go boards for up to one day at each location
09/03/2020 - 13/03/2020Hanham WayTraffic lights

Please note the scheduled dates for working on the highways may change at short notice.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and disruption caused during the works. We’re working closely with our contractors to minimise this as best we can. We’ll put up diversion signs to show alternative routes for the road closures, monitor traffic flows through the traffic lights to help reduce queues and we will remove the traffic lights and reopen roads as soon possible.

The traffic management has been coordinated and agreed with the local Highways Authority, with the priority being the safety of all users.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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