T-pylons – public footpaths and rights of way

The new overhead line and construction haul road will cross a number of public footpaths and rights of way. When we are working near a footpath, we will need to close it temporarily to keep the public and our staff safe.

We are working closely with our contractor, Balfour Beatty, to limit any closures and to reopen paths as quickly as possible.

The table below shows the public rights of way that are crossed by our work. We will keep them open for as much of the time as possible. We will put up notices and keep this table updated before any closure.

Footpath/public right of way Location Parish StatusMap
AX/23/10Back Lane bridleway, MarkMarkOpenMap
AX/17/12Between The Acres and Prowses SteiningEast BrentOpenMap

We’re sorry for any inconvenience these closures cause. We will keep them open as much as we can, and we will escort walkers safely across the construction area during working hours.

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