Starting work to build pylons near Stogursey

We’re starting work to connect EDF’s Hinkley power station to the existing network, bringing low carbon energy to 6 million UK homes and businesses.

In February 2021, we began building a 4.5 km overhead power line north of Wick and removing a 2.3 km overhead line that runs to the Hinkley B power station.

Our first activities involve building temporary traffic access points and haul roads which allow construction vehicles to reach the new pylon locations. Traffic management is in place where required.

Programme of works

Construction work near Stogursey started in February 2021. Once the temporary haul road is in place, we will start to construct the 4.5 km overhead line and remove the 2.3 km overhead line that currently runs to Hinkley Point B power station.

We’ll provide more detailed information on the construction programme as the works progress and let people know if there will be any disruptions to residents and businesses.

To register for project updates and more information, please visit our contact us page and get in touch with our community relations team.