Work starts on Sandford substation construction

April 2020 sees our contractor, Siemens on site

In April 2020, following robust risk assessments and the introduction of stringent measures to meet COVID-19 social distancing rules, we started work to build the new substation near Sandford. Siemens is our principal contractor for this stage of work

We‘ve already completed the entrance from the A368 and built an access road to the site; and we’ve carried out some advance landscaping and planting around the boundary of the site to help screen the new substation.

We’re using an innovative new material called Sureground for the hard standing area and a section of the haul road. Read more below on how this will help reduce vehicle delivery numbers into the site.

The new substation will be completed by early 2024 and will deliver electricity into the local electricity network, owned by Western Power Distribution (WPD). This is instead of power being brought into the area from Bridgwater through existing WPD pylons.

We will take down those pylons when the substation is operational.