Public footpaths

We’re building a temporary haul road along the route of the underground cable, and temporary traffic access points off the A38 at Tarnock and the A368 Towerhead Road at Sandford. The haul road allows us to move traffic off main roads directly into the construction areas, limiting our use of the local road network.

Where the new haul road crosses public footpaths, we need to keep the area safe for the public and for our staff while we are working.

Public footpath closure

From 6 January 2020 we need to close a section of the public footpath near the River Axe while we install a temporary bridge along the haul road. We need to close it to keep the area safe for walkers and our staff while working with heavy equipment.

  • River Axe (PROW AX/21/3) will be closed from Monday 6 January 2020 until Monday 30 March 2020 as shown on the map below.


Please note these dates may change.

The haul road also crosses the public footpaths listed below. To avoid any disruption, we are keeping them open and will escort walkers safely across the construction area during working hours.

  • Mead Lane (AX29/48/10)
  • Max Mill Lane (sections AX3/21/10 and AX3/4/20)
  • River Axe (section AX2/15)
  • Castle Hill/Winscombe cemetery (AX3/22/103/30
  • Banwell Wood (AX3/53/30)
  • Castle Hill (AX3/1/20) – work in this area has been completed and the footpath has been reopened

We’re sorry for any inconvenience these may cause and we’ll re-open the footpath as soon as we can.


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