Free planting scheme

Applications invited from landowners within 3km of the route

One of the ways we are seeking to reduce the overall impact of the new connection is to plant trees and hedgerows in the local area.

We’d like to hear from landowners interested in receiving free tree and hedgerow planting. (Please note that the scheme is not intended for private residential homeowners)

We’re already engaged with landowners closest to the route, and we’re now making the scheme available to landowners within 3 km of the new connection.

Wherever possible we will use native species, e.g. oak, willow, hazel, hawthorn and maple, and plant:

  • Young, single stem trees
  • Larger, more mature trees with a trunk 16-18cm in diameter
  • Hedgerows (including filling gaps in existing hedges) and protective fencing

National Grid will maintain trees and hedgerows for five years to ensure successful establishment, after which time the landowner will take full responsibility for them.

Known as the Off-Site Planting and Mitigation Scheme (OSPES), this initiative was agreed as part of the planning process and is in addition to the significant planting we’re doing to replace trees and hedgerows removed during construction, and to screen parts of our development.

As outlined in our Section 106 planning agreement with the local authorities, any planting undertaken as part of this initiative must comply with its ‘Planting Principles’, i.e. planting will be carried out in a way that:

  1. contributes to local biodiversity;
  2. is consistent with local landscape character;
  3. does not conflict with or cause potential damage to known or potential archaeology or the settings of heritage assets; and
  4. does not conflict with planting secured by other existing planning consents.

Landowners interested in signing up to the scheme should fill out this form.  Alternatively, contact our land agent Bruton Knowles on 0800 035 2242 or [email protected].

Landowners that meet the criteria will be approached by Bruton Knowles, who will meet them at the suggested planting location to discuss the scheme and draw up a planting plan.  National Grid will agree the plan with the local authority before a formal agreement is made.

Thank you to all those who have already expressed an interest in the scheme. Due to the level of interest we have received, we are having to prioritise our review for applications from areas that will see construction first, and are located within 1 km of the works.

This means that the timing of us responding to your application will depend on where your land is, but please be assured that we will respond to everyone who has applied.