Plans and drawings

Link to construction and access plans

The Planning Inspectorate published a number of approved plans and drawings on 19 October 2017.  To view all documents visit their website.


To follow are links to detailed drawings of the connection:

Hinkley Point

Document 4.1.9

Bridgwater and surrounding area

Document 4.1.2

Document 4.1.3

East Huntspill to the Mendip Hills

Document 4.1.3

Mendip Hills

Document 4.1.4


Document 4.1.5A


Document 4.1.5A

Puxton to Kenn

Document 4.1.5A

Nailsea to Tickenham

Document 4.1.5A

Document 4.1.6A

Tickenham to Portishead

Document 4.1.6A

Document 4.1.12A


Document 4.1.13A


To follow are also links to the approved Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).  For details about access see the Construction Traffic Management Plan:

5.26.1C CEMP

5.26.2C CEMP Waste Management Plan

5.26.3C CEMP Biodiversity Mitigation Strategy

5.26.4C CEMP Archaeological Written Scheme of Investigation

5.26.5C CEMP Construction Traffic Management Plan

5.26.6C CEMP Public Rights of Way Management Plan

5.26.7B CEMP Noise and Vibration Management Plan


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