New Year message

From National Grid Project Director, James Goode

Covid has impacted all aspects of our lives and as we start a new year, I look back over some of the strangest months of my working life. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, we had to respond quickly and find new ways of working safely in these exceptional circumstances, with our teams keeping to strict site and operational protocols as we continue to track and respond to government guidelines.

Some of you may have seen the recent press coverage about works at Hinkley Point C, giving details about the impact of Covid on the construction programme. We will continue to work closely with Hinkley Point C to understand any impact on their work and how it might relate to our project. The focus for us now is – as it has always been – on meeting our programme of work and ensuring we keep the momentum going into another busy year.

“This year will be our busiest yet, and a somewhat historic one too.”

With the support of our contractors, I am pleased to say we have kept all our work on schedule. This year will be our busiest yet, and a somewhat historic one too, as we prepare to put in place the world’s first T-pylons, while involving local schools in a new time capsule project set to make history in 70 years’ time. We continue to use our work on the project to explore and share archaeological findings we are uncovering through a series of updates to local groups. And in recent months we have made excellent progress at Sandford substation, a brand new substation that sits at the heart of our route, marking significant milestones in the delivery of the new connection.  I’d like to thank all the communities affected by our activities for their continued patience and support as we work to deliver this critical infrastructure project.

“Thank you for your continued patience and support.”

During the pandemic, we’ve seen a move to more digital communications. More people than ever before are using the internet and other digital media to find out information and stay in touch safely. We’ve adopted virtual meetings to keep in touch with parish councils, are refreshing our website and have revamped our project e-newsletter to make it more accessible and easier for more people to stay in touch with our project. If you have any questions or concerns about our works, you can also contact our Community Relations Team 24 hours a day on 0800 377 7347.

I hope 2021 brings you health and happiness. Stay safe and well.

James Goode, Project Director

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