New sensory experiences for children with unique needs

Fund transforms education for local children

£18,000 from National Grid’s Community Grant Fund is helping create a new sensory experiences for pupils and visitors to Ravenswood School in Nailsea.

Ravenswood School enables local children with complex learning needs to flourish. During the school holidays it is also a centre providing respite care and additional support for parents and carers. The grant has helped the school to take their sensory room to the next level.

Every pupil at Ravenswood has unique needs and an individually-tailored curriculum; the sensory room plays a crucial role in their progress. Over the years, use of the room had started to take its toll, and it had become outdated and in need of a refresh. The funding helped the school fund the upgrades to this greatly needed resource.

The scope of learning is endless

The Discovery Room, as it is known, is now a state-of-the-art, interactive and immersive sensory room. Equipped with a high-quality sound system, touch-sensitive walls and projectors, this room provides a stimulating educational environment for their pupils. It harnesses the power of digital media to create different themes, helping children learn by bringing their curriculums to life.

They can learn about what it was like to land on the Normandy beaches in World War Two one minute and experience the sights and smells of the London underground the next. It also creates simple cause and effect games for younger pupils, providing a fun way of developing communication skills. As it is suitable for all ages, the school is now to make the space available to local nurseries and primary schools.

Mark Senior, Head Teacher at Ravenswood School, commented: “The Discovery Room takes the sensory experience for our pupils to the next level. It’s an incredible resource, and the scope of learning is endless.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to National Grid. You have transformed education for so many.”

Jonathan Richardson, Corporate Social Responsibility officer for the Hinkley Connection Project, added: “We’re delighted to see what a difference the funding has made for these students – helping them thrive by bringing subjects to life.”

Girl standing in Ravenswood sensory room

Ravenswood School students enjoying the sensory room's woodland setting

Student engaging with the touch-sensitive walls

Two students relaxing in the sensory room