Community Grant Fund

Find out more about National Grid's Community Grant Fund

Our Community Grant Programme has been set up to support community groups and charities in areas where National Grid’s activity is impacting local people through our operations and site activities.

We fund projects with one-off grants that meet local communities’ needs and provide a range of social, economic and environmental benefits.  Since 2018 National Grid has awarded over £520,000 in grants to 34 different projects in areas impacted by the Hinkley Connection Project.

“Our services remain accessible and our young people continue to thrive.”

Congresbury Scout and Guide Association are one recipient.  The Association was awarded  £20,000 to revamp its HQ; replacing the flat roof, improving insulation and installing solar panels with an energy storage system.

Adam Preece, Chair of Congresbury Scouts and Guides says, “The grant will enable us to keep our subscriptions low, now and into the future, by meeting the costs of urgent repairs and reducing our operating costs for years to come. This means that our services remain accessible to the whole community and our young people continue to thrive.”

For further information, and to find out how to apply and if your project meets our criteria, visit our Community Grant website.

£20,000 awarded for the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB 2021 visitor initiative

£20,000 awarded for a new pavilion for Mark Cricket Club

Water vole feeding on reeds.

£20,000 for Bristol Avon Rivers Trust and Somerset Wildlife Trust's Mink Project


£20,000 to revamp Congresbury Scouts and Guides headquarters