Building temporary road accesses and haul road at Caswell Lane

Together with our contractors, Murphy, we’re building temporary entrances and access roads to our construction areas as we prepare to install underground cables between Nailsea and Portishead substation. To view the map showing this work, please click here.

To keep public and staff safe during this work, we need to manage traffic and control access at different times.

Caswell Lane

From Monday 4 May until Friday 12 June 2020 we are working to complete temporary entrances from Caswell Lane:

  • We’re building a temporary entrance at the bottom of Caswell Hill first.
  • The second entrance is further along long Caswell Lane (just after the underpass for the M5).

Whitehouse Lane

We’ve finished building one temporary entrance from Whitehouse Lane.

From Friday 15 May until the end of May 2020, we are building the second temporary entrance on the opposite side of Whitehouse Lane. We’ll carry out this work using stop and go boards and two-way temporary traffic lights.

When both entrances are complete – they will be used as a crossing point for our construction vehicles, controlled by manually operated traffic lights during working hours only. We will remove the lights when all our work in this area is complete.

The traffic management has been coordinated and agreed with the local Highway Authority, and our priority is safety for all road users. We are sorry if this causes a delay to your journey and thank you for your patience and understanding.