Traffic management at Avonmouth

Traffic management at Avonmouth

Western Power Distribution (WPD) and its contractor, Balfour Beatty, are working at Avonmouth to modify the substation and replace a section of the overhead line going north out of the substation with underground cable. WPD is carrying out this work on our behalf as they own and maintain the local electricity distribution network.

As part of this work, temporary accesses and haul roads have been built along the cable route – these enable us to move traffic off the main roads directly into the construction areas, limiting our use of the local road network.

The underground cable is being installed across a mixture of open land and under roads – from the existing substation on Avonmouth Way, along the lower end of Avonmouth Way, across to Kings Weston Lane and Lawrence Weston Road and onward across open land in the direction of the the M5/M49 at Junction 18A.

Traffic lights

To keep public and staff safe during this work, temporary traffic lights are required on sections of the route:

Avonmouth Way: From 6 – 23 January 2020 there will be two-way temporary traffic lights on the lower end of Avonmouth Way.

Kings Weston Lane: Traffic lights are in operation until all our work in this area is complete – they work on a sensor and stay on green for local road users, only changing to red when project vehicles need to cross the haul road.

Over the coming weeks, we also need to carry out ground investigations and surveys along the route of the new 400,000 volt overhead line and where we need to build temporary road accesses to the new pylons. The findings will help us plan the construction work, later in 2020.

We’ve appointed Balfour Beatty to build this part of the project and they are carrying out these surveys. They will need to manage traffic while working on the highways.

The table below shows where and when we expect to work. Please note these dates may change at short notice.

All traffic management has been agreed and coordinated with the local highway authority.

We recognise that our construction activity impacts local businesses and communities and we are working hard to limit that as much as possible.

We apologise for the disruption caused during people’s journeys.

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