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The energy challenge

A quarter of the power stations the UK relies on to heat and light our homes and businesses will close over the next 10 years.

These need to be replaced, which is why Government is working with developers on new power stations and other means of energy generation. National Grid’s role is to connect the energy they produce to our homes and businesses via the national electricity network.

In the South West, EDF Energy already has consent to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. National Grid has further legal obligations to connect a number of significant new generators in area, including Seabank 3, the new gas-fired power station.

To join these new sources of energy to homes and businesses safely and affordably we are proposing a new high voltage electricity connection between Bridgwater in Somerset and Seabank near Avonmouth.

If you’re interested in the detail of why we need to increase the system’s capacity in the region you can find out more here

We believe the best way to provide this additional capacity is to remove the existing 132,000 volt overhead electricity line owned by Western Power Distribution and build a new 400,000 volt connection between Bridgwater and Seabank.

Find out more about the energy challenge and how National Grid is helping find solutions at You can also find out more about our the energy challenge in this factsheet.