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Pylon design

Two pylon designs will be used for the connection – the new T-pylon and the traditional steel lattice pylon. 

The T-pylon won a competition organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Department of Energy and Climate Change and National Grid, to find a new design of pylon for the twenty-first century.

The new design has a single pole and T-shaped cross arms which hold the conductors and wires in a diamond ‘earring’ shape.  Because of this layout, the pylon is around 35 metres high, 10 to 15 metres shorter than the traditional 400,000 volt lattice pylons.

The T-pylon has prompted much interest from residents along the route, many of whom asked if it would be offered as an alternative to the traditional lattice pylon.

Further information about the T-pylon and its design can be found at the National Grid T-pylon blog.

We have also produced a short film showing the T-pylon which can be seen here.