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Thursday, January 07, 2010

National Grid extends public consultation on Hinkley Point C connection

National Grid is extending the first phase of public consultation on connecting the planned new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station because of the current extreme weather.

Residents and local authorities now have until midnight on Friday 22 January 2010 to give their views on the two possible route corridors for a new overhead power line from Bridgwater to Avonmouth. The original deadline was this Friday (08 January).

The consultation period has been extended following appeals from councils unable to submit their reports on time due to the severe weather. The new deadline extends the first phase of consultation to 14 weeks.

National Grid will take account of all comments received by the end of Friday 22 January in deciding on its preferred route corridor. We will then carry out a second public consultation on exactly where the new overhead line could be routed within that corridor.

National Grid has been asked by EDF Energy to connect its proposed new power station and is proposing a new 400,000 volt overhead line from Bridgwater to Seabank substation in Avonmouth. Two potential 'route corridors' - stretches of land in which the overhead line could be sited - have been identified but, before any decision is made about which one will be chosen, National Grid has been gathering the views of councils, local communities and other interested bodies, and has organised a series of exhibitions and meetings to explain the plans.

National Grid major projects manager David Mercer said: ‘We have said from the start of the consultation process that we will listen to people and do our best to act on their comments.

"Several councils contacted us to explain that their January council meetings had to be cancelled because of the snow and so they would not be able to discuss fully our plans before the deadline.

"We have also received calls from members of the public who have been unable to send in their feedback for the same reason. No one could have foreseen these circumstances so we felt it was only fair that we tried to help and have agreed to a two week extension for everyone."

Residents wishing to submit their comments can do so by using the feedback form on, by emailing us at, by writing to Freepost RRKX/EBGK/XXHT, Hinkley C Connection Project Consultation Response, PO Box 5689, London, W1A 4FG or contacting the community relations team on 0800 377 7347.

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